Carassius gibelio (Bloch, 1783) – Karaś srebrzysty – Prussian carp


The species is alien in whole area of its occurrence in Poland

Recorded in the wild; established and expanding

Invasive alien species

General charactreristics

Description and biology


Impact on native biodiversity and local economy

Habitats in invaded range

Permanent eutrophic lakes, ponds and pools; surface running waters and estuaries


Map of occurrence

Areas on the map correspond to pemanent occurrence of the species. Points on the map indicate introduction places and/or single records of the species; they do not always correspond to current presence of the species in a given locality.

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Earliest introduction/record

about 1850

Types of transport

  • Unintentional transport to Poland

Pathways of introduction

  • Contaminant on animals (excluding parasites and species transported by host and vector)

Type of release into natural environment

  • Transport – Contaminant

Local dispersal methods

Intentionally translocated by man


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Life form: Fish

Phylum: Vertebrata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Cypriniformes
Family: Cyprinidae

Scientific synonyms: Carassius carassius jacuticus Kirillov, 1972; Carassius carassius morpha gibelio Berg, 1916; Carassius carassius morpha humilis Lindberg, 1927; Carassius gibelio Lorek, 1837; Carrasius vulgaris var. kolenty Dybowski, 1877; Cyprinus gibelio Bloch,1783; Cyprinus oblongus Taczanowski, 1877

English synonyms: Gibel carp; Goldfish; Silver crucian; Silver crucian carp