Reesa vespulae (Milliron, 1939)


The species is alien in whole area of its occurrence in Poland

Recorded in the wild; established, population trend unknown

No data on invasiveness of the species

General charactreristics

Description and biology

Males and females look alike. Omnivorous

Impact on native biodiversity and local economy

Habitats in invaded range

Regularly or recently cultivated agricultural, horticultural and domestic habitats


Earliest introduction/record

before 2006

Types of transport

  • Unintentional transport to Poland

Pathways of introduction

  • Transport – no further details
  • Contaminant on animals (excluding parasites and species transported by host and vector)
  • People and their luggage/equipment (in particular tourism)

Type of release into natural environment

  • Transport- Contaminant or Stowaway
  • Transport- Stowaway
  • Transport – Contaminant

Local dispersal methods

No data


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Author(s): Marcin Kadej

Life form: Insect

Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Coleoptera
Family: Dermestidae

Scientific synonyms: Megatoma vespula Spencer, 1948; Perimegatoma vespulae Milliron, 1939