Commune: Łaziska (pow. opolski, woj. lubelskie)

Framework element or context represented:
Middle Vistula section of the Upper Cretaceous.

Primary geological/geomorphological interest:
Opokas of topmost Campanian - Nostoceras hyatii Zone.

Comparative assessment justification:
The Piotrawin quarry section represents the upper part of the Upper Campanian rarely accessible in central Europe. Its equivalent strata are well exposed and recently studied in Tercis, SW France, and in northern Spain.

Protection status and accessibility:
Outcrop is proposed to protection as documentary site. It is very accessible.

Character of site: Abandoned quarry.

Area: 2 ha

Altitude: 130 - 140 m a.s.l.

Lithology: other siliceous rocks

Discipline: Palaeobiology, Palaeoenvironment, Stratigraphy of Phanerozoic

Process Age: *all periods

Bedrock Age: Cretaceous, *all periods

Description of primary interest:
The Piotrawin quarry exposes a 30 m thick series of relatively monotonous opokas with a very rich and well-preserved macrofauna. The exposed succession comprises the topmost Campanian strata of the Nostoceras hyatti Zone in the ammonite scheme, and the Inoceramus altus and Inoceramus inkermanensis Zones in the inoceramid zonation. The section is of extreme importance for palaeontological and stratigraphical studies of the topmost Campanian of the whole Euramerican biogeographical region. In central Europe it is one of a few points where this interval is exposed, and inevitably the most fossiliferous. It is also a section of monographic description of ammonites, belemnites and of the bivalve-gastropod molluscs.


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