The study was supported by the Polish Committee for Scientific Research (KBN) as the grant no. 3P04G 09223. The Polish database is a part of the IUGS Global GEOSITES project, carried out by the European Association for the Conservation of the Geological Heritage (ProGEO). The whole presented material contains descriptions of 175 sites (areas) arranged in order to physiographical regions of Poland. The database, prepared in 2006, is open and should be supplemented in the future. It is the first such English edition in Europe destined for Internet and prepared according to the format, which was proposed by ProGEO. Next ones are expected, because similar databases of representative geosites of particular European countries will be the important adventage to the development of geoconservation on the international level. The presented database is a work of the team of authors from several Polish institutes and universities.They are listed below in order to the number of sites described by them. The editor's thanks to all collaborators which participated in the initiative.