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Published with the financial help of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management

     This book is addressed to a wide group of readers, above all nature conservation service: voivodeship nature conservators, directors of national and landscape parks, foundations acting on behalf of nature and natural environment conservation, competent offices at all levels of government and self-government administration. This book should also serve spatial management planners, Boards of State Forests, other owners of forests, farmers, centres of ecological education, as well as schools and universities. One may hope that it will be helpful in improving law pertaining to conservation of animal species and protection in reserves. It should provide the Ministry of Environment with reliable source materials, useful for realisation of the national strategy of nature conservation and fulfilment of respective obligations at both national and international levels. We recommend, however, critical reading of this book, taking into account considerable variations in animal populations and a need for up-dating information about particular species.

Zbigniew Głowaciński & Janusz Nowacki - editors