Adapsilia coarctata Waga, 1842

Familia  Pyrgotidae
Ordo  Diptera
Classis  Insecta
Typus  Arthropoda
Summary  Adapsilia coarctata has probably become extinct in Europe, in any case it has not been observed for more than eighty years. The species was described from the area of the present Warszawa (locus typicus). In addition, in Poland it was found in Złoty Potok near Częstochowa in 1854 and twenty years later, in the village of Wiązowna near Warszawa (altogether 6 individuals). Most records are from Austria. The only more numerous occurrence of A. coarctata was observed in 1885 in the vicinity of Viena where 15 individuals were collected. It was also known from a few other European countries where single individuals were usually collected. Causes of A. coarctata decline are in Europe not known; no relationship between human activity and this decline has been shown. It is possible that climatic changes may be an important factor because A. coarctata is a thermo- and higrophilous species, which at present occurs more numerously in areas with monsoon climate (Japan, Korea, Maritime Territory in Russia). Perhaps its more numerous occurrence fell in Europe on the Atlantic period and finally, it became extinct as the result of climate cooling (period between 16th and 19th century). Not protected but it is not unlikely that its historical locality in Złoty Potok lies within the "Parkowe" nature reserve.
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Author  Andrzej Palaczyk & Anna Klasa