Agrilus pseudocyaneus Kiesenwetter, 1857

Opiętek białowieski

Familia  Buprestidae
Ordo  Coleoptera
Classis  Insecta
Typus  Arthropoda
Summary  It is an exceptionally rare and declining species within the whole of its range; in Poland known from 2 localities, situated in large forests of primeval character (Bieszczady Mountains, Białowieża Forest). Its decline is attributed to the shrinkage of forests with a large share of old aspen trees as the result of forest management. In addition, because the logging (cutting and transport) of Populus tremula falls on June-August, the pre-imaginal stages of Agrilus pseudocyaneus are removed with wood. It is recommended that harvesting of aspen should be given up in spring and summer, and that these trees should be spared, so as they could be a future developmental base for A. pseudocyaneus and other declining beetles. Places of its occurrence should be protected in nature reserves.
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Author  Jerzy M. Gutowski